The Suffering Jewish People of Ukraine need YOUR help!

War in Ukraine

The ongoing war in Ukraine is perhaps the worst humanitarian crisis of our lifetimes. More than 10 million people—almost 1/4 of the entire population—have been forced to flee their homes, with just the few possessions they can carry. Those most impacted are the very elderly—precious Holocaust survivors—and the very young, including Jewish orphans. Tens of thousands are hungry because there is no food. They urgently need our help. Your generous gift today will provide food and other vital supplies to these precious people.

We have been active in Ukraine for over 10 years, and our people on the ground are purchasing bulk supplies in Poland and getting them across the border into Ukraine in a massive 50 ft trailer. We are already a vital lifeline for thousands of people, but there is so much more that needs to be done. For just $40, we can provide a package of essential food that will feed one person for an entire week. For just $200, we can provide food for a week to a family of four. Your gift today will help these struggling people. THANK YOU!